Proverbs 29 and the current cultural narratives.

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Good morning folks,

I've been going through Proverbs over the past couple of months and earlier this week I passed through chapter 29. After reading it, I was thoroughly stopped. I just stared at it.

"This is wisdom for the world right now."

I mean, just read it! And, as much as you don't want to and neither did I, simply bring up the past, oh, month or so and the events that have gone on in the world. You'll start to make the connections. I won't get into the structure of the Proverb much but hear me out on a few things.

1. Be careful who you connected with the terms "righteous" , "wise", "poor" , "oppressed" , "scoffers", and any other adjective used as a noun for a person or people group. - Sometimes the fool is you. 

2. The righteous/wise are supposed to effect change in the world. - The reaction that came out in force a few weeks back for people to basically "stop praying and do something" is not without warrant though, misguided (I'll get to how next). The righteous and wise are supposed to make a positive, tangible, difference in the world. Through acts of justice (stopping evil and mending the effects of evil, like helping the poor) in their communities and even through their own kids and families, they are the ones who are a part of healing the mess.

3. Proverbs 29:26 is why the previously mentioned reaction is misguided. "Many seek the face of a ruler," uh yeah, we think people in powerful positions should make the problems go away. Granted, a few of the other verse do mention the positive effect of a ruler, "...But it is from the Lord that a man gets justice." We need to still pray. Seek the face of the Lord for our part and His effectiveness and power to do it.

4. That righteous person, that wise person, that good king we are looking for is Jesus. Mic drop.